Shipping Rates

We will process your order as soon as possible while also farming and fermenting cocoa beans. We will get your order ready to ship as soon we can, usually the next day but could take up to 7 days if we are out of stock of your item.
The shipping charge is flat $5 via USPS 2-Day Mail  for states close to Hawaii and Chicago and $7.95 for warmer and/or coastal states. 
The costs to box, cool/insulate, and pay postage are much higher, trust us, and we are eating the cost to ensure you feed your chocolate needs. 

International deliveries are $25 but we may ask for more if there are additional charges. We'll also refund the difference if under $25 (usually Canada, EU). 

We pack with cold gel packs but please use judgement if your address experiences heat that will overcome our shipping precautions

We cannot refund.

Finally, we cannot control USPS. Shipping times are best estimates and may arrive later. We will give you a tracking number as soon as we ship.