Hawaiian Cacao Services

The Big Island of Hawaii as well as all other islands benefit from a diverse array of soils and climates. Each variation offers a unique challenge to farming. Importantly, cacao originated in Central American rainforest conditions that are different from what we experience in Hawaii. Therefore, anyone hoping to venture into cocoa production will face numerous challenges as they navigate which selections of cacao genetics to be successful in taste and suitability as well as how to prepare the soil and surrounding grounds. 

Puna Chocolate has planted cacao orchards across Big Island and are intimately familiar with each climate and many variations of cacao that exist and can be grown on island. Use our extensive knowledge, passionate work ethics, and deep pool of cacao seedlings to start your own cacao orchard or get help at any step. 

- Seed-to-soil orchard installation
- Chocolate business modeling and consulting
- Property selection
- Soil preparation
- Purchase cacao seedlings & grafts
- Purchase Madre De Cacao
- Pigeon Pea and other complementing trees
- 3, 8, 12, or 26-week maintenance programs
- Pest and pathogen prevention and treatment
- Pod Harvest
- Sell us your pods. Sell us your beans