Single Estate Bi-Monthly Subscription - 4 70% Dark Chocolate bars every 2 months

This subscription is for true dark chocolate lovers who appreciate nuance and terroir.

The Big Island of Hawaii has nearly a dozen climate zones with Puna Chocolate farms or partners in almost every one of them. The soil and weather affect how flavor is developed in growing and ferment.

You will even experience how the same farm's beans change with each seasonal vintage. Cacao produces year round yet warm vs cool or sunny vs wet weather can make all the difference. 

The posted schedule is our best estimate of what beans from which regions will be available but could vary if we find more exciting sources. 

Bars ship on the 5th of the new issue month. Your subscription starts with an immediate shipment of the month's bars you order.  

Choose 1 delivery, 3 deliveries, 6 deliveries (full year).

Choose 60g or 30g size

Shipping included in price - initial shipping charge at checkout will be refunded within 48 hours

No automatic renewal - we won't ever charge you after you've paid. You are in control.